Extended Day Care

The Extended Day Program maintains safety as a top priority while offering a fun, creative and stimulating environment for the benefit of the children in our care. This support empowers the children to become active members of their church and society. The Extended Day Program is an extension of the Parish School ministry. It serves an important vessel for working families. It provides peace of mind to parents and guardians while offering quality care that is handled with the consistent values taught throughout the day. On-site care makes their transition to and from school each day less stressful. Students are with the same staff, teachers, classmates and surroundings the whole day. The consistency and love offered is truly the key.

Extended Day is offered from 6:45 am to 8:00 am and again from 2:55pm to 6:00 pm for students K-8th enrolled at Saint John's. The program also operates on most school early dismissal days from 11:50 - 6:00pm. We do not operate on all early dismissal days, such as before holidays. Please contact the office or the extended day office at 635-5875 for more information and the calendar of operation.