Cheryl Kula
4th Grade

BA Teaching/ Elem. Educ. and Psychology Minor - University of Northern Colorado
What I love most about working at St. John’s:
I enjoy the spontaneity of the children. I love their curiosity, sense of humor, and most of all - the way they love the Lord. My
colleagues are my second family!!!
Where I’m from:
I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved to Scottsdale as a 6th grader.  My dad was transferred to Denver, and I attended Thomas Jefferson High School.
Interests and Hobbies:
My favorite hobby is music - dancing, singing, and playing the guitar! 
I also love sports, being outdoors, cooking, sewing, reading, and writing!
A personal note:
My husband is also an educator, and our three grown children teach at Valor Christian High School. We love kids, and are blessed with eleven grandchildren! I am thankful for the opportunity to teach at a Catholic School after retiring from Madison Elementary in
Greeley eleven years ago!
Favorite thing about teaching:
My favorite thing about teaching is helping children to "make connections" with the world around them. I wrote a song entitled,
"Pass the Love on to the Children," and I believe that is what God asks us to do each day!!